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The company founder, Jeff, has been an engineer of custom products since 1986. Expertise in high-tech manufacturing techniques that range from composite molding technologies to computerized steel cutting and forming processes has lead to the development of the World's Strongest One Way Traffic SpikSe systems.

None other in the business can properly form the steel to make the world's strongest one way traffic spikes at 1/2" in thickness.

Our One Way Traffic Spike systems have been installed by Google, Disney, airports nationwide, secret military bases in live war zones, state-side and foreign military bases located in the roughest locations, apartment complexes, corporate offices, etc. From NATO bases in the Middle East, to sunny parking lots where Mickey Mouse roams, we've got it covered.

Stacey has been involved in product and service sales for decades. She knows how to make sure that your needs are met. Why is her picture so small? It’s because she hates her picture. Hah! Giver her a call and make her day.  ;)


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