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Motorized Traffic Spikes

Motorized Spikes by TireShark™

Motorized systems by TireShark™ have the lowest deck height in the world, reducing vehicle contact and increased maintenance. Drive across the system without an uncomfortable amount of vehicle lift or bump felt when entering or exiting your facility.

Manufactured using same computerized laser cutting and forming machines, eliminating the headaches caused by hand welding of deck and support structures inside.


We manufacture our own in-house brand of Motorized systems to complement the installation of single direction systems. Our electronic controlled systems are the best on the market with the lowest deck heights for the most comfortable drive across.

Designed to allow sports cars to be able to cross safely.

Motorized Spike Comparison Graphic
Traffic Spike Motorized Side View

Our super-low deck heights are the lowest in the world. So low, that you don’t need to consider in ground motorized traffic spike systems.
Surface mounted traffic spike systems are MUCH more affordable to install and are FAR easier to maintain, resisting build up of mud, unlike in ground systems that rest below grade level.


A brief video of our Motorized Traffic Spikes being tested prior to shipment.

One Way Traffic Spikes

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