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One Way Traffic Spikes - Flush Mounted In Ground Model

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One Way Traffic Spikes Flush Mounted In Ground
TireShark™ One Way Traffic Spikes

of One Way Traffic Spikes and Motorized Traffic Spikes, including the

Our flush mount in ground one way traffic spikes systems allow for the roadway to constantly have partial support for the vehicle that crosses.
Our one way traffic spikes system never experiences the full weight due to its short distance from the front to the back. If the roadway can support the vehicle, our one way traffic spikes system is up to the task.

It is important to install in ground one way traffic spikes units with a mixed epoxy adhesive like 2 part construction epoxy. 2 simple steps... E-Z installation!

1) Prepare the flush mount in ground one way traffic spike installation hole by cutting a small swath into the asphalt or concrete that is about 1/2” wider than the recessed part of the unit (depth approx. 12” total), and fill the hole with about 6” of coarse gravel for better drainage capability.

2) Mix and apply construction epoxy to the undersides of the support flanges. Lower the one way traffic spikes unit into its pavement installation hole, making sure that the road surface is clean and dry where it will contact the adhesive and support the one way traffic spike system.

Follow the adhesive manufacturer’s instructions. Hot weather or applied heat and sunlight can have the units ready to drive across in as little as 2 hours.

Our latch-down system is super easy to use and allows for passage in both directions for moving days or special needs.

one way traffic spikes latch down
one way traffic spikes height under car

One Way Traffic Spikes Latch Down

One Way Traffic Spikes Ultra Low Deck Height

Warning Sign Go
Stop Warning Sign
Speed Bump Steel
Speed Bump Rubber

Warning signs for One Way Traffic Spikes point out the 5 mph no reversing requirements. Highly reflective, no power source or lighting is needed for visibility.

It is best to slow traffic to 5 mph by using our steel speed bumps before and after the one way traffic spike system.

We also sell rubber speed bumps for one way traffic spikes installation.

Make sure to do your part and perform a proper installation!

Warning signs and the use of speed bumps before and after the one way traffic spikes help to coax drivers to not travel across one way traffic spikes exceeding 5 mph.

For one way traffic spikes systems, we offer either steel or rubber speed bumps.

Our dual sided one way traffic spike warning signs are the most legible and reflective of any on the market.

One Way Traffic Spikes In Ground CAD

One Way Traffic Spikes

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One Way Traffic Spikes Warning Sign 5 mph
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